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To reach out to a Specialist for service the region you’re in, scroll through the direct contact information by region below. Not sure what region you’re in? Check out our Map! For General Dispatch, contact Richard at 720-515-5015 or

Kingpin Specialists

Service Locations

US Northeast & Midwest

Contact Richard for Support

call : 303-589-2265 email :
US Rocky Mountains & Southeast

Contact Richard for Support

call : 303-589-2265 email :
US Western

Contact Kevin for Support

call : 858-752-9131 email :
US South Central

Contact James for Support

call : 702-400-2241 email :
US Plains

Contact Nate for Support

call : 312-348-0729 email :
Eastern Canada & Quebec

Contact Ron for Support

call : 506-866-7956 email :
Southern Ontario

Contact Mike for Support

call : 416-737-9708 email :
Northern Ontario

Contact Dave for Support

call : 705-691-5649 email :
Western Canada

Contact Adam or Randy for Support

call : 403-816-4619 or 780-778-9011 email : or
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