Learn the importance of taking care of your kingpin, and about the experts who will help ensure your fleet’s trailers stay on the road.

The Heavy Duty Parts Report with Jamie Irvine

Richard Lefebvre sits down with Jamie Irvine to discuss the importance of Kingpin Repair.

Lowering your cost-per-mile starts with buying high-quality parts and ends with using high-quality services and stringent maintenance standards. Be honest, how often do you give any thought to your kingpin?

Why do people seem to forget about the kingpin?

It’s the most important part of the connection, but yet it is often overlooked because of its simple task.

Can you give us an overview of what Kingpin Specialists does?

Try to find where the damage takes place on the kingpins, and how to get it back under control to be able to maintain, and get the most life out of your trailers, and kingpins.

Describe to me who your perfect customer is?

One that has wear problems on their kingpins and trailers, who need help finding, and fixing their problem.

Tell me more about the repair services you offer?

We dig deep and evaluate the trailers, and pins that are affected, and in turn search for the root cause of the problem. From there we book times to make the repairs.

What role does engineering play in what your company does?

Engineering our products was essential from the beginning to keep our standards high, and to reach those standards.

If there is one thing you want the listeners to take away from today’s conversation, what is that one thing?

Liability now is the biggest thing. By having a company that does nothing but specialize in ensuring that your trailer makes it to its destination safe.

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