Why King Pin Repair Makes More Sense Than Replacement

Does doing a king pin repair make more sense than doing a replacement? Commercial fleets are focused on reducing the total cost of operation so this is an important connection management issue.

Eventually, king pin repair or replacement becomes necessary on all working rigs. It’s estimated that about 30% of all kingpins currently in use on trailers in the U.S. and Canada, if inspected, would not meet current standards for acceptable tolerances. These pins should be repaired or replaced immediately.

But which method is best?

King Pin Repair

Ideally, kingpins should not be allowed to be used once their wear exceeds .080 inches. Refurbishing at this point will not only save on future maintenance to the fifth wheel but make the rig safer to operate. Repairing the king pin at this point will also save in other ways.

Here’s why.

Refurbishing a worn pin is a simple and inexpensive fix, compared to replacement. It can be accomplished in just a couple of hours as opposed to two or more days. This allows the operator to get the rig back on the road with a minimum of downtime.

King Pin Repair Performed Onsite at a Commercial Fleets Yard
King Pin Repair Performed Onsite

Every king pin on the road will eventually need to be replaced or repaired. That’s the nature of the tremendous forces playing on this pivot point that connects the tractor with the trailer. Replacing this part normally costs somewhere between $1000-$3000 and puts the truck out of service for several days. Repairing the part is much faster and less expensive.

The good news is that a qualified repair job will usually result in a stronger and longer-lasting pin. For these reasons, king pin repair makes much more sense than replacement. It’s easier, cheaper, and stronger. Learn more about why kingpin refurbishment is an ideal solution.

King Pin Repair Done with an Engineered Process

Kingpin Specialists has an engineered process that is performed by welders certified in the specific weld application needed for professional king pin repair or kingpin refurbishment. We are also leading a task force at the American Trucking Associations Technology & Maintenance Council to establish our process as a recommended practice.

This method is a proven, tested, engineered process, and we’ve been helping fleets like yours for over two decades. We complete repairs on site. A typical kingpin refurbishment takes approximately 2 hours from start to finish. Once completed, the trailer can go back into service and overall downtime is minimal.

If you are responsible for fleet maintenance on commercial vehicles, why not take the first step and have Kingpin Specialists perform an inspection and report on the condition of your fleet?

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