Kingpin Repairs for Commercial Trailers

Kingpins wear and get damaged and that gets passed on to the fifth wheel, and then to other kingpins.

We stop that from happening and save our customers tens of thousands of dollars.

Avoid Fleetwide Connection Issues

When a kingpin has excessive wear or gets damaged it can spread across the entire fleet. The wear and damage are passed from the kingpin to the fifth wheel, and then from the fifth wheel to the next kingpin. If ignored the problem can literally become a fleetwide issue that costs tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We solve this problem for commercial fleets.

Repairs are 100% Guaranteed

When Kingpin Specialists finishes with a kingpin, you can have complete confidence in your trailer connection. We back all our work with an industry leading warranty.

We are a BBB accredited company and as members of the Technology and Maintenance Council, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, and the Florida Trucking Association we work hard to support the trucking industry and promote safety and connection management best practices.

Repairs are 100% Guaranteed​
We are the Kingpin Specialists

We are the Kingpin Specialists

  • Free Fleet Evaluations
  • Repairs Are Done Onsite
  • Minimal Impact on Operations
  • 100% Guaranteed Repairs

Our process

We train & certify our welders to national welding standards. Our technicians use a patented, portable lathe to ensure refurbished kingpins comply with the manufacturer’s operational specifications.

Kingpin GO-NO GO (Class 8 Trailer) Aluminum Inspection Gauge

This gauge is designed as an aid to determine the wear level and compliance of a Trailers Kingpin during routine inspections according to SAE J700 Surface Vehicle Standard and J2228 Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice.

Don’t Ignore the Kingpin

Anytime you have metal in contact with metal you get wear and damage. The truck’s fifth wheel and the trailer’s kingpin are both composed of high strength steel. The more the connection between the truck and trailer is stressed the higher the wear rate. Most shops don’t have welders that are certified to complete a structural repair on a trailer therefore they ignore the kingpin and focus on the fifth wheel. This solves 50% of the problem, which is like solving 0% of the problem. If the KINGPIN is damaged or worn excessively it will not function properly and cause damage to the new or repaired fifth wheel when connected.

By tracking kingpin wear rates and proactively repairing equipment you can:

  • Keep wear rates manageable
  • Predict future repair needs
  • Reduce equipment downtimes
  • Save huge sums of money

Kingpin Specialists provides an engineered solution that will restore your kingpins to their original equipment specifications and prevent the wear and damage from spreading to other units.

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We pioneered the kingpin repair industry by creating an engineered solution, using certified welders, and proprietary equipment which is why we are the kingpin specialists.