Fleet Evaluation

fleetFREE Fleet Evaluations give our technicians an opportunity to see if there is anything unusual in regards to wear characteristics. We have, in the past, caught trailer kingpin wear indicators well outside of standard expectations. Catching these anomalies early can insure warranty issues are addressed before time runs out.

This also allows us to come up with an application specific kingpin maintenance program. Drop and hook refers wear differently than married fleets. Trailers pulled in tandem or triples see much higher rates than single units. Rocky Mountain tandem see much higher wear rates than double 53′ units. Environmental issues often determine life expectancy of equipment. Two identical fleets, one in Orlando and one in Sacramento will see different kingpin wear due to fine sands, road conditions, terrain, amount of grease applied to equipment, and many other variables. Until the fleet is evaluated and tracked over time, coming up with a program can be difficult.

Some fleets are only interested in calling us in when mechanics become aware of issues. We work with these fleets and try to encourage a set of parameters to complete maintenance before costly repairs become evident. Our maintenance program is approximately 15-20% the cost of entire bolster assemblies.

For new fleets starting on a maintenance program, often times we can work with the maintenance department and bring all equipment up to kingpin specification while spreading payments out over several months at no interest to ensure that there is no equipment traveling down the highway that doesn’t meet specification.

Our Guarantee

The security that Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance specifically for remanufacturing kingpins adds a sense of confidence to your daily operations.

As the only company to carry insurance, and the only company with certified welders exclusively, Kingpin Specialists offers a kingpin service of unmatched quality.


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