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For over 20 years, Kingpin Specialists has used a guaranteed patented process to remanufacture kingpins on commercial trailers. Our
team is committed to safety and quality, and we’re looking for the right people to join us.


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The Apply button will take you directly to a personality profile – please fill it out and submit it. Most people complete the profile in 20 minutes or less. The profile is designed to identify your innate strengths and match them to the position you’ve chosen. If you’re the right fit for the job, we’ll reach out to you via email to schedule an initial interview.

Field Operations Sales Manager

This position requires you to manage and lead a group of technicians, manage customer accounts, and collaborate with the leadership group of the company. The job requires someone who is positive, friendly, and enjoys a dynamic fast-paced work environment. While this position does demand a level of attention to detail, it is more important that the person is organized, able to effectively delegate tasks to others, and naturally is focused on problem-solving, planning, and achieving objectives within the scope of guidelines and policies that are under development. You have to be okay with working with what you got and helping leadership make continuous improvement.  

The FOSM position is a fulltime salaried position and requires travel.

Managing the Team.  Ensure all work performed by the Team is according to the systems and up to the standards established by Kingpin Specialists.  You will manage a team of two to six full time technicians that operate vans and/or trucks and are capable of performing the entire kingpin refurbishment process. These technicians will be certified by Kingpin Specialists and have undergone training at the Kingpin Specialists Training Facility. 

Sales. The FOSM will contact prospects and customers in their region and will provide quotes following the Pricing Guidelines provided by Kingpin Specialists. Price adjustments outside of these guidelines must be approved by Headquarters.

Scheduling. The FOSM is required to schedule the technician that directly reports them. It is up to the FOSM to establish the schedule for the technicians who are under their direct supervision 
Equipment Knowledge. Troubleshooting on welders and lathes in the field or over the phone is the responsibility of the FOSM and they will report any issues that cannot be resolved on their own and request for repairs on this equipment to the Training and Equipment Department. 

Communicate with Other Departments. The FOSM plays a critical role in communicating with FOSMs in other Regions and with Headquarters which includes the Financial, Training and Equipment, Engineering, and Marketing Departments.

Performance Reviews: Tracks performance of team members, acknowledges good performance (employees going above and beyond) and addresses areas of concern for actions that do not follow the company’s systems and standards. An internal quarterly review of performance will be completed by the FOSM, and an Annual review will be submitted to Headquarters on each member of the Team.

Field Service Technician

You like working outside, traveling from one customer’s location to the next, and performing a challenging service involving welding and machining following an engineered process that requires strict adherence to a repetitive system. While you can work with other technicians, you prefer working independently. You have no problem communicating with your manager and the customers details about the job. You like the idea that in addition to your salary the more work you complete the bigger your bonus will be. If that sounds like a great job to you, we want to talk to you about our Field Service Technician.      

Field Service Technician job description includes the following:

1 – To travel to customers’ sites and perform Fleet Evaluations.

2 – To travel to customer sites and perform the Kingpin Specialists engineered kingpin refurbishment process on trailers that have been identified in the fleet evaluation process, approved by the customer, and scheduled by the FOSM. 

3 – To maintain the equipment and vehicle provided by Kingpin Specialists.

4 – To communicate with the customers and maintain the relationship that Kingpin Specialists has established with the customer. 

5 – Help the FOSM identify new prospects. Typically, this is done when traveling between jobs and seeing other fleet’s locations, recording the name of the fleet, and submitting that to the FOSM via email or text. 

All new hires will start at an Entry Level and be expected to complete the following before being a certified technician.

Field Service Technician Trainee – This is the entry level position. No previous kingpin refurbishment experience is required, but mechanical aptitude and welding experience is an asset, and a Background Check, valid Driver’s License with no DWIs in the last 5-years, US Work Authorization, and a High School Diploma or equivalent is required. 

New employees are required to attend the Kingpin Specialists Field Service Technician training program which involves a combination of training at one of our training facilities and in-field training with a Field Operations Sales Manager (FOSM).

As a Trainee the employee will be evaluated on their ability to complete the tasks required in the FST position.  As an example, but not limited to these the Trainee will be evaluated on their ability to show up on time, collect accurate measurement, follow procedural and reporting processes to company standards. Additionally, the Trainee must be able to pass the weld certifications required (Currently Horizontal plate test and Core spiral weld test) for repairs they will be performing in the FST position. If during the evaluation period, the employee does not meet the standards required for the FST position the employee will be coached on what standards need to be improved. If the employee does not improve to those standards the employment of the trainee will be terminated.

Field Service Technician Apprentice – When a FST Trainee successfully completes this initial trainee evaluation, the employee will be given the title of Field Service Technician Apprentice. As an FST Apprentice the employee will work to build on their skills needed to perform repairs to the company standards. The Employee will spend time in the shop practicing repairs and work alongside FST’s in the field gaining on the job training. While watching the complete repair process they will assist with paperwork, setting up equipment, completing yard checks, and other tasks as needed.  As an Apprentice the technician will expand the job knowledge while working towards completing two KPS Kingpin Certifications. KPS Kingpin Certification Level 1 test requires the technician to rebuild two kingpins at the Level 1 wear standards in a single day with not more than one redo. After passing the first certification test the technician can perform the kingpin refurbishment engineered process under the supervision of either the FOSM or an employee with the title Field Service Technician I or higher. The Apprentice will continue to improve their process to complete the KPS Kingpin Certification Level 2 test. Once the Apprentice passes the Level 2 test, they will be promoted to a Field Service Technician I and assigned a tracking number for repairs.

There is a career path from trainee, to Level 1, to level 2 then 3.

Office Assistant

This position requires you to be concerned with accuracy, thoroughness, and a hands-on approach with attention to, and organization of, the details. Someone who prefers to complete technical activities personally with less emphasis on group or social activities. Someone who has a somewhat methodical and systematic workstyle with attentiveness to established processes. Because you’re someone who pays attention to the details you will mention in your interview that Kingpin Specialists was started in 1996.  

Yard Checks & Fleet Evaluation: Keeping the integrity of the data collected in the field is a key component for the success of Kingpin Specialists. All fleet evaluations and yard checks should only be updated by the assigned office assistant. The Office assistant will be responsible for pulling yard checks for Technicians in the field as needed. When updated information comes in the Office assistant will update the original document with the new data and send an updated copy out for review. Proficient Excel User a must.

Receipts: As technicians in the field make purchases for daily needs including gas, hotels, etc. they will submit the receipts in a PDF format labelled in accordance with the required naming convention. The office assistant will review the submissions, upload and sort the incoming receipts into folders for final review. When the Finance team reconciles the end of the month reports they will alert the Office assistant of any missing receipts. The Office assistant will then reach out to the technicians and request the missing information. 

Pictures: Once work is completed in the field the Technicians will take Quality Control (QC) pictures of the work completed. The Office Assistant will assign the pictures to a folder in on the drive 

Mail: The office assistant will check the PO Box Monday-Friday. They will then open, sort and upload each item to the corresponding company in Right Networks.

Bank Deposits: The office assistant will make deposits at the bank as need Monday-Friday

General Office Duties: Shipping, Filing, Errands and other duties as assigned.

Marketing Assistant

This position requires you to follow detailed processes, while being quick to pick up new skills and show them off. You hold accuracy, thoroughness, and attention to detail sacred. You don’t mind somewhat methodical and systematic work – you love a checklist. You can handle the occasional unplanned change, and you prefer to work on your own most of the time. You love to dig into a challenge. Sometimes you find yourself researching random subjects just because they’re interesting. You’re comfortable with technology in general, although social media experience is preferred but not required. Because you’re someone who pays attention to the details, you will mention in your interview that Kingpin Specialists was started in 1996.

Copywriting. You’ll write copy for social media, email campaigns, SEO blog articles, and more. The ability to dive deep into a subject and surface with a thorough understanding is essential for this.

Graphic design. You will design images for social media, websites, print media, and more using tools like Canva. You’ll be responsible to maintaining visual brand identity in our marketing efforts.

Analytics & optimization. Keeping good records and analyzing them is key to optimizing marketing efforts. You’ll be responsible for tracking data like impressions and clicks and entering them into an Excel database, which you will use alongside leadership to inform future decisions and tweak strategies.

Communication. Whether you are in-person or remote, clear communication is essential when working with our dispersed team. The successful marketing assistant will understand how to use job documentation to get answers and is comfortable asking direct questions of leadership when needed.

Continuous learning. Experience in the trucking industry or in marketing is not necessary as you will be trained on our systems. However, as you grow into the position, you will need a learning mindset as you are expected to keep up-to-date with the trucking industry and marketing best practices and apply this knowledge to your tasks.

Self-motivation. The right person for this position will be able to meet deadlines and do their work without daily oversight.