Greensboro-North Carolina

We Repair Kingpins on Commercial Trailers in the Greensboro Area

When kingpins wear or get damaged, they need to be repaired quickly to prevent costly downtime. Our engineered kingpin repair service maximizes uptime.

Kingpin Repair in the Greensboro Area

Greensboro is an important city in North Carolina because it is where three interstate highways intersect. Traditionally, Greensboro has relied on textiles, tobacco, and furniture to support the economy, but it has also become more of a logistics hub, having FedEx and other freight carriers basing regional operations in the city.

At Kingpin Specialists we work with fleets in the Greensboro area to improve their connection management. Specifically, we work with shipping, logistics and refrigerated long-haul fleets to ensure that their kingpins are maintained and repaired when necessary.

Don’t Ignore the Kingpin

Once a kingpin starts to wear or gets damaged it will cause a chain reaction that impacts every truck that connects to it, then those trucks will damage other kingpins on other trailers and the wear and damage accelerates.

  • Regular inspections are required
  • Maintenance must be performed regularly
  • Repairs must be done rapidly when wear and damage is discovered

We are the only kingpin repair company in North America with specialized insurance for kingpin repairs.

A Proactive Maintenance Program

When Kingpin Specialists begins a relationship with a fleet in Greensboro, the first step is always to set up an evaluation. When this evaluation is done, we prepare a maintenance and repair plan and present it to the fleet maintenance manager and/or responsible parties. The plan will include a priority list of units and repairs that need to be done based on the current condition of each trailer.

  • Free fleet evaluations
  • Customized repair plans
  • Long term cost savings
  • Maintain more uptime

100% Guaranteed

When Kingpin Specialists finishes with a kingpin, you can have complete confidence in your trailer connection. We back all our work with an industry leading warranty.

  • 100% connection guarantee with a 3-year warranty on the bolster plate
  • The kingpin has a warranty matching the original manufacturers warranty

A Company You Can Trust

We are a BBB accredited company and as members of the Technology and Maintenance Council, the Colorado Motor Carriers Association, the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, the North Carolina Trucking Association, and the Florida Trucking Association we work hard to support the trucking industry and promote safety and connection management best practices.


Do You Operate Commercial Truck and Trailers in the Greensboro Area?

We pioneered the kingpin repair industry by creating an engineered solution, using certified welders, and proprietary equipment which is why we are the kingpin specialists.