The Kingpin Specialists’ Solution is a very cost effective, “Time Tested” method to return the pin back to DOT specifications.

We work on location, in your yard while the trailers are parked for regular maintenance, resulting in
Limited Equipment Down Time for kingpin repair.

Kingpin Specialists is available, at your convenience, to help evaluate your needs, including performing a complimentary yard check. We identify uncommon wear and defects as well as wear and tear characteristics unique to your operations, geographical location, type of freight, driving distances, road conditions etc. With this assessment we can discuss exactly how we can be of benefit to your company.

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Once the target trailers have been identified, repairs begin. Trailers are marked out of service and are positioned side by side to save time and return them to service faster.

Our maintenance trucks are parked in a manner that does not interfere with regular traffic in your yard. Our process meets all DOT regulations.

Each truck is set up to reach 10-12 units placed side by side and 2 tech’s can work from each truck. Equipment can be returned to service starting 90 minutes from set up time, allowing a new trailer to be released every 30 minutes. 1*

1* These are trailers at maintenance levels. Trailers that are at repair level will take longer, and that distinction will be made before repairs begin.


The pin is first cleaned and inspected to ensure the bolster plate is free from cracks and warping.

The seat is positioned and the pin brought to the proper pre-heat temperature. Once this process has started, the welder must continue until the work is completed.


When clean, our CWB certified welders begin welding using a special seat design to deposit weld material evenly around the pin.

Kingpin Specialists welders have a minimum of 2 years experience. After training, the new employee spends many months in the field with experienced technicians, learning to work according to our high standards in technique, quality and safety.They are entered into a controlled welder training program and shop tested in a bracket for repeated attempts.

Welders must machine their own welded kingpins in the shop to be able to see shortcomings without endangering or compromising repairs in actual applications.


The machining is done using a portable lathe. Our “POVOL” (Portable Orbital, Vertical Operating Lathe) is a patented device that delivers unequaled quality. The lathe spins at approximately 120rpm, ensuring a precise finish.


When complete, OUR remanufactured kingpin is dimensioned to SAE J700 and J2228. Our pins are tested at this point to be sure they are within kingpin hardness specifications and comply with manufacturer hardness testing.

We are the largest and most thorough kingpin remanufacturer in North America. We STAND behind our products and if there is ever any issue, WE WILL NOT Leave WITHOUT YOU BEING SATISFIED.

The End Result

The rebuilt kingpin meets all DOT, SAE, AAMVA and CCMTA regulations. In fact, the re-manufactured kingpin performs as well as a new one in kingpin fatigue tests, and actually scores higher in chip resistance testing. Two individual tests were completed on the remanufactured kingpin:

  • “SAEJ133 Oct 87” Parts 1 and 2 “Fifth wheel kingpin performance Commercial Trailers and Semi-Trailers.”
  • “SAEJ400 Jan 85” “Tests for Chip Resistance of Surface Coatings.”

In short, your trailers’ pins will be safer and they will last you longer. Request a free Kingpin Fleet Evaluation and let us add to your peace of mind by repairing your kingpins the right way.

Our Guarantee

The security that Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance specifically for remanufacturing kingpins adds a sense of confidence to your daily operations.

As the only company to carry insurance, and the only company with certified welders exclusively, Kingpin Specialists offers a kingpin service of unmatched quality.


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