Kingpin Repair

Minimize Downtime When Getting Kingpins Repaired

Kingpin Specialists works on location, in the fleets yard while the trailers are parked for regular maintenance, resulting in limited equipment downtime.

We service the following types of fleets:

  • Grocery Store Chains
  • Food Service for Restaurants and Hotels
  • Mail and Parcel Delivery
  • Manufacturing to Distribution Freight Carriers
  • Beverage
  • Auto Carriers
  • Heavy Load and Speciality Hauling

These fleets typically have these kinds of trailers:

  • Refers also known as refrigerated units for grocery and food service.
  • Dry vans for grocery, food service, beverages, mail, parcels, and other freight.
  • Flatbeds for heavy loads like construction supplies and steel.
  • Super Bs for liquids like petroleum or other chemicals.

A Superior Kingpin Repair Process

The Kingpin Specialists engineered repair process using certified welders meets all DOT regulations and produces exceptional results that are fully insured and backed by a worry-free guarantee.

The End Result

The rebuilt kingpin meets all DOT, SAE, AAMVA and CCMTA regulations. In fact, the re-manufactured kingpin performs as well as a new one in kingpin fatigue tests, and actually scores higher in chip resistance testing.

Two individual tests were completed on the remanufactured kingpin:

  • “SAEJ133 Oct 87” Parts 1 and 2 “Fifth wheel kingpin performance Commercial Trailers and Semi-Trailers.”
  • “SAEJ400 Jan 85” “Tests for Chip Resistance of Surface Coatings.”

In short, your trailers’ pins will be safer, and they will last longer.

A Worry-Free Guarantee

Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance specifically for remanufacturing kingpins so when you use our service it adds a sense of confidence to your daily operations.

As the only company to carry insurance, and the only company with certified welders exclusively repairing kingpins, Kingpin Specialists offers a kingpin service of unmatched quality.

Do You Manage Commercial Truck and Trailers in North America?

We pioneered the kingpin repair industry by creating an engineered solution, using certified welders, and proprietary equipment which is why we are the kingpin specialists.