Our Guarantee

Don’t Get Caught Without Insurance

When maintenance or repairs are done on a commercial trailer the fleet is ultimately liable if something goes wrong. This exposes fleets to risk anytime they perform maintenance or repairs. When a fleet chooses a company to perform maintenance and repairs for them it is very important that they make sure the service provider is properly insured and can back up their work.

Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance specifically for rebuilding kingpins while to our knowledge our competitors only carry general liability insurance which does not specify kingpin repairs opening up the fleet to liability. We believe that our repairs and maintenance are of superior quality and our insurance company thinks so too.

Don’t Get Caught Without Insurance
A Worry-Free Guarantee

A Worry-Free Guarantee

When Kingpin Specialists finishes with a kingpin, we guarantee the bolster plate for 3-years, and the kingpin for a period matching the original manufacturers guarantee.

Our maintenance program ensures consistent wear characteristics and a solid increase in life expectancy of fifth wheels as well.

Certified Welders

We only use certified welders with valid CWB tickets. CWB certified companies require ALL WELDERS to pass check tests at LEAST every TWO YEARS. Kingpin Specialists have been a proud member of the CWB group of certified companies for OVER 15-years!

A Proactive Maintenance Program

When Kingpin Specialists begins a relationship with a fleet, the first step is always to set up an evaluation. Ideally, we like to obtain a complete equipment list with a notation of year, length, type (refer/dry/flat/lift gate/live floor), and manufacturer of the tractor trailers. By having a complete list of trailers, we can also make special arrangements to collect data on model years or configuration that fall into a “likely to require kingpin service” model.

When this evaluation is done, we prepare a maintenance and repair plan and present it to the fleet maintenance manager and/or responsible parties. The plan will include a priority list of units and repairs that need to be done based on the current condition of each trailer.

If you are responsible for fleet maintenance on commercial vehicles, why not take the first step and have Kingpin Specialists perform an inspection and report on the condition of your fleet?

A Worry-Free Guarantee

Do You Manage Commercial Truck and Trailers in North America?

We pioneered the kingpin repair industry by creating an engineered solution, using certified welders, and proprietary equipment which is why we are the kingpin specialists.