Worry-Free Guarantee

Insurance Covered Kingpin Repairs

Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance for rebuilding kingpins. We believe that our repairs and maintenance are of superior quality and our insurance company thinks so too.

The testing required for such insurance has never been done by any other company in North America. Knock-off competitors carry insurance on trailer repairs, which specifies nothing. Be Sure YOU and YOUR Company are covered. DEMAND the “KINGPIN SPECIALISTS!”

By using our kingpin technicians and our maintenance program you add one more layer of coverage that everything possible was done to insure your fleet is up to required specifications.

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worryfreeWorry-Free Guarantee

When Kingpin Specialists finishes with a kingpin, we guarantee the bolster plate for 3 years, and the kingpin for a period the same as the original manufacturer. On our available maintenance program this ensures consistent wear characteristics and a solid increase in life expectancy of fifth wheels.

While on a maintenance program, if we find, or if your tech’s find any unit rebuilt with our patented system, not holding up to standard wear configurations, we will prorate and repair the kingpin at standard repair rates. If a bolster plate is degraded to the point of failing, we will repair an equal kingpin at no charge.*1

*1 conditions apply, such as unit cannot have been involved in accident.

Our welders have a minimum of 2 years experience, or been tested to trade equivalent level to insure quality and consistency in repairs. ALL WELDERS HAVE BEEN TESTED TO, AND HAVE CURRENT CWB TICKETS. In order for a ticket to be valid, welders must be employed by a CWB certified company. A certified company MUST have procedures tested for ALL procedures in use. A CWB certified company MUST be audited quarterly to ensure ALL procedures are followed. CWB certified companies require ALL WELDERS to pass check tests at LEAST every TWO YEARS. The KINGPIN SPECIALISTS have been a PROUD member of the CWB group of certified companies for OVER 15 YEARS!

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Getting Started on a Maintenance Program

When Kingpin Specialists begins a relationship with our customers, we try to evaluate what type of situation we are dealing with. After 20 years in the business we have seen a lot of different configurations, but we still get surprised from time to time.

In order to set up our evaluation, ideally we like to obtain a complete equipment list with a notation of year, length, type (refer/dry/flat/lift gate/live floor), and manufacturer of your tractor trailers. This list allows us to get a good cross section of your fleet and determine which trailers are prone to being a high target.

When this evaluation is done, we identify wear patterns and may recommend some trailers with less wear to be rebuild before others with higher wear. This depends on situations like thickness of bolster plate. We may not be able to fix some units that have worn out bolster plates. Newer trailers that have less wear may be serviced first, due to not having the same degradation on the plate. All of this information is offered to the owner or responsible party and can be fundamental when considering how to spec out new equipment or deciding on what equipment is to be kept or sold.

By having a complete list of trailers, we can also make special arrangements to collect data on model years or configuration that fall into a “likely to require kingpin service” model.

Our Guarantee

The security that Kingpin Specialists is the ONLY company to carry insurance specifically for remanufacturing kingpins adds a sense of confidence to your daily operations.

As the only company to carry insurance, and the only company with certified welders exclusively, Kingpin Specialists offers a kingpin service of unmatched quality.


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